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HIMCO's Latest Insights

Private Real Estate: Tipping Point?
Commercial Real Estate Prices Surpass 2007 Highs, but Valuations, Economy Point to Further Gains.
14 May 2015
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Mixed U.S. Economic Data Hides Green Shoots
The first read of 2015 first-quarter GDP feels like the script for the 1993 film “Groundhog Day.”
07 May 2015
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Quarterly Insights 1Q15
2015 first quarter sector reviews
24 Apr 2015
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Private Placement Debt: Diversification, yield potential in a complementary IG asset
In low-yield environments, investors often turn to new and at times uncertain vehicles to meet their needs for income.
10 Apr 2015
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Pension Risk Transfer: Understanding the De-Risking Continuum
Despite robust performance from U.S. equities, most corporate pension plan sponsors reported lower funded status for 2014 due to the significant decline in longer-term interest rates
02 Mar 2015
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Optimizing Emerging Market Debt Allocations: Consider Exposure to Local Currency and External USD-Denominated Debt
To capture the benefits of emerging market (EM) debt, we believe institutional investors should have exposure to both the local currency and external U.S. dollar
30 Jan 2015
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