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HIMCO's Latest Insights

Hedge Funds vs. Traditional Asset Classes in Interest Rate Tightenings
Since the credit crisis began in late 2008, broad hedge fund returns have been heavily scrutinized (and rightfully so) on both an absolute and relative basis when compared to equities.
16 Oct 2014
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U.S. Economy Maturing While Europe's Sputters
We expect the U.S. economy to be in mid-cycle expansion mode for the remainder of 2014 and 2015, despite the volatile first half.
08 Oct 2014
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Unconstrained Fixed Income: A Strategy for Evolving Market Opportunities
In a world of benchmark-driven fixed income investments, institutional investors are seeing more – and asking more about – unconstrained strategies.
25 Sep 2014
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Pension De-risking with Derivatives: Selling the Upside, Buying the Downside
The funded status of most corporate pension plans has held steady through 2014, as funded status gains from sustained equity market strength have been offset by another recent move lower in interest rates.
02 Sep 2014
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Five Questions Insurers Should Ask When Hiring Asset Managers
As insurance companies seek improved investment returns in this ongoing environment of low interest rates, an expanding number of asset managers are offering to help.
27 Aug 2014
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Quarterly Insights
2014 second quarter sector reviews
23 Jul 2014
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TIPS: Opportunities for Active Management
When seeking to hedge against rising inflation, there are a number of investment options in the marketplace.
08 Jul 2014
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Commercial Mortgage Loans: A Mature Asset Offering Yield Potential and IG Credit Quality
Commercial mortgage loans (CMLs) have emerged as a desirable option within a well-diversified fixed income portfolio for their ability to provide incremental yield while maintaining the portfolio’s credit quality.
01 May 2014
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