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Spring Conditions Appear Ripe for Growth
U.S. GDP growth appears to have slowed in the first quarter due to lackluster consumption resulting from the extreme weather that gripped much of the country. However, we expect growth to accelerate in the current quarter as the weather impact fades.
08 Apr 2014
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"Status" Quo: Strategies to Help Maintain Your Plan's (Mostly) Recovered Funding Status
Since mid-2012, two powerful dynamics have moved in favor of corporate pension plan sponsors: a rising U.S. equity market and higher U.S. interest rates.
27 Mar 2014
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Dividend Stocks Have Provided More Stable Returns
To add equities with lower volatility, look to stocks that pay dividends. They may be a smart way to add a lower volatility equity return stream into a diversified investment program.
24 Jan 2014
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Adding Value Over the Short and (Really) Long Term
Dividends are attractive over the short and long term because they have provided: A historically stable income stream and a significant portion of equity’s total returns during the past 200 years and the past decade.
02 Dec 2013
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Private Placement Debt: Diversification, yield potential in a complementary IG asset
In low-yield environments, investors often turn to new and at times uncertain vehicles to meet their needs for asset growth.
03 Oct 2013Ron Mendel
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Ready or Not: Talk of tapering has elevated volatility and policy risk
Since late 2008, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) has engaged in unconventional monetary policies on an unprecedented scale in an attempt to stimulate growth, support aggregate demand, and smooth the deleveraging process.
01 Aug 2013
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The Efficient Use of Hedge Funds in Multi-Asset Portfolios
If constructed appropriately, a fund of hedge funds investment may provide uncorrelated diversification, dampen portfolio volatility, and enhance risk-adjusted returns.
19 Jul 2013Christopher Paolino, Phillip Titolo
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Minimum Variance Strategies As A Substitute For Balanced Portfolio Strategies
Modern portfolio theory (MPT) introduces the idea of an efficient frontier which is the set of portfolios that have the maximum possible expected level of return for a given level of risk, which is typically measured by the standard deviation of the portfolio’s return.
28 Mar 2013
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Balancing Income and Total Return in Rising Rate Environments

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