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HIMCO's Latest Insights

Quantitative Insights: Momentum
Price momentum has been a staple of investing circles for years. Does the strategy still work today?
30 May 2018
Private Real Estate: Multifamily Real Estate
As U.S. Supply Catches Up with Demand, Select Suburban Properties May Offer Greater Value
21 Mar 2016
New Year Begins with Old Concerns over Corporate Profits, Volatility
The calendar may have turned but some of the same market themes are likely to remain with us in 2016.
26 Jan 2016
Private Placements: Financing Renewable-Energy Projects
Disciplined Risk Assessment Key to Evaluating Renewable Energy Technologies
11 Dec 2015
Municipals: Positive State
Looking Beyond Headlines, Investors May Find Many Reasons to Consider Municipal Bonds
11 Dec 2015
Commercial Mortgage Loans: A Mature Asset Offering Yield Potential and IG Credit Quality
Commercial mortgage loans (CMLs) have emerged as a desirable option within a well-diversified fixed income portfolio for their ability to provide incremental yield while maintaining the portfolio’s credit quality.
29 Apr 2015

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